Gifting Tools

From gourmet food baskets to holidays and special occassions gifts, consumers want their online gift buying decsions to be as easy as possible. The Food Retailers Module features help your visitors easily fulfill their online gift purchase needs.

  • Unlimited Shipments Per Order
  • When your visitors are ready to buy, make it easy for them. With the Unlimited Shipments Per Order feature, your customers can do all their gift buying in one session. Now that's Easy!
  • Social Network Sharing
  • Makes it easy for your customers to share your products with their friends and family. Integration with Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networking sites help your customers and their network find potential gift ideas on your site.
  • Gift Messages For Each Item
  • The intuitive gift messaging system will allow your customers to personalize all their gifts. And this makes it easy for fulfillment. You'll know exactly which gift message goes with which shipment!
  • Gift Certificates with Email Notifications
  • Your customers will appreciate how easy it is to purchase and send gift certificates. Just another benefit to help build your brand.
  • Build Your Own Gift Basket
  • An intuitive feature that gives your customers the opportunity to build their own unique gift baskets. They'll enjoy the ability to create and personalize their gifts. You will be able to easily manage and communicate the gift-building components, options, and price variants.