Food Shipping Features

Perishable, Semi-perishable, or Non-perishable item? Legal to ship to that state or country? "When will I receive my order?" -- Shipping food products has very unique requirements. And the ability to easily manage and communicate shipping has been one of the biggest challenges facing specialty food retailers' online marketing.

The Food Retailers Module provides a powerful integrated set of tools that enable you to automate how and when your products will be shipped. Furthermore, it enables your customers to easily choose shipping methods and dates appropriate for the the unique combination of products they've selected.

  • Dynamic Delivery Date Selector
  • Your customers will be able to select when they want to have your products delivered. This powerful feature also provides pre-ordering capability that will allow you customers to place orders for upcoming events and special occassions. Reduce customer service calls and emails. Customers will order with confidence.
  • Perishable, Semi-Perishable and Non-Perishable Items
  • Control which shipping methods and delivery dates are available for different types of products. Ensure that your customers know exactly when their perishable products are going to arrive so they don't spoil on the doorstep.
  • Intelligent Product-based Shipping Date/Shipping Method Calculator
  • Easily communicate to your customers which delivery dates, methods, and rates are available -- customized to your business rules and fulfillment schedule.
  • Food Preparation & Fulfillment Reporting
  • Order Management & Preperation Reports let you know which items need to be assembled, packed, and shipped for the day.