Food Retailers - Sell More, Manage Better

The Food Retailers Module is a direct response to the unique and emerging needs of the specialty food industry. Built on the award-winning AbleCommerce web shopping cart, this module provides additional functionality that creates a winning combination of tools and features. The result is an intuitive, feature-rich, state-of-the-art, e-Commerce solution specifically designed for selling food and related products online.

Features of the module include:

  • Food Shipping Policies - The Food Retailers Module helps specialty foods merchants manage marketing and shipping of their unique products, including:
    • Perishable, Semi-Perishable, and Non-Perishable Items
    • Dynamic Delivery Date Selector
    • Intelligent Product-based Shipping Date/Shipping Method Calculator
    • Regional Restrictions
    • Food Preparation & Fulfillment Reporting
  • Gifting Tools - Many people enjoy a gift of food. With AbleCommerce sending gifts is easy with features like:
    • Ship To Multiple Addresses
    • Gift Wrap and Notes
    • Gift Certificates
    • Social Network Sharing & Gifting
  • Recipes & Ingredients - The Food Retailers Module also adds support for managing recipes that use your products as ingredients.
    • Ingredients Lists
    • Recipe Images
    • Grouping and Categorization